Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shoes! Fall 11 samples (sale!)

So, remember when I was working on starting my shoe line? Well, ta da!

However, things with the shoe designing have taken to the back burner.. In the mean time, I wanted to share my designs.

The ankle straps (left hand side) are called Fifi (yep, inspired and named after Ms. Queener's character), seen above in grey leather with a black and white wool herringbone trim and straps and the "oxfords" are called Cha Cha, seen above in black and white wool herringbone and grey leather with black grosgrain trim and laces.

Here you have Cha Cha in cranberry leather and blush pink satin and grosgrain trim and laces and Fifi in just the blush pink satin and grosgrain trim.

So, my heartbreak about this process was, I only got to make samples. Currently there are no plans for production of these. My goal (still) is to make smaller runs. And the factory we were working with didn't really want to help us with that. So for now, these are my sale samples. And that really means, these 5 pairs of size 7's are on sale.

Above is the only pair of "flats" I designed. (Flats give you bunions, you have to be good to your feet! When I find flats that don't ruin your feet, I'll totally promote them. In the meantime, be careful and wear heels!) Okay so they aren't totally flat, they have a 1" heel.

I digress... I was actually really pleased with how these turned out. Someday I hope I can make a production run on Fifi and Cha Cha (it's because I don't what you to have bunions that I am reluctant to produce flats, even the ones with heels.)

So if you are a size 7 (the fabric shoes are a little more snug then the leather ones...) and you are interested in buying a pair, please let me know (phaedra.elizabeth at gmail(dot)com). I just want them to have a good home. Where someone will love them as much as I do... :)

Also can we give a round of applause to my super awesome (size 7 and 6.5) models! Keiko in the white jeans and Kya in the black pants... they were super helpful and have such great feet! And are generally just wonderful women to hang out with! :) thanks guys!


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  1. YUM.
    On the herringbone CHA CHA! They totally speak to my androgynous fashion senses across the board!
    Someday baby, soon.