Tuesday, July 13, 2010

me and Fifi

I'm not a costume designer . . . except when my dear friend Peggy Queener has a great idea of what one of her characters will wear and I convince her to let me help her create it.

Fifi La Grange is such a fabulous character. when I heard about the dress Fifi would need to be wearing in the final scene of Peggy's one woman show, Fifi La Grange; The Road to Fabulous!, I only said, I'd love to help you! In the end, it turns out I meant, "Please give me all your inspiration and let me do this! You can watch!"

Peggy was gracious enough to let me bring her character to life and do something much bolder then I am normally inclinded to do on my own. I love working in this kind of collaborative way.

Her show went off as a wonderful success. If you missed it, you can follow the story of Fifi here.



  1. Beautiful. And if I'm not mistaken, there seems to be a hint of Alber's charm in the piece. I love it, Phae. Bravo!

  2. My most favorite dress, ever.