Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maggi and Dom (how my heart exploded with joy on Sunday)

So, I met Maggi my first semester in design school, it was September of 2003, and it took about 10 minutes for me to realize that we would be friends for a very, very, very long time. She's one of those friends that once you met her, you're not sure how you survived without her.

And Dom, Dom I met as a potential room mate. I kept thinking this is a great guy, then he said, he had 4 sisters and I thought, yep, he is the best kind of person. I think I even said, "I have lots of cute friends" hoping this would make me a good roommate. (It seemed too, I got the room.)

So Maggi came over to help me paint my room, we walked into my new apartment and I said, "This is my new room mate Dom, this is my friend Maggi, she's gonna help me paint."

And then life took over, Maggi ended up moving into our building, she and Dom became friends and neighbors. And I just sat on my hands thinking "would they work together? I think they would work together. Right?"

Anyway, long story short, they fell in love. They fell in love in a way that I am endlessly inspired by.

So when I found out they were getting married, I was a little (okay, totally) over the moon. Two of my favorite people on the planet have fallen in love and are now gonna get hitched. I think my response was, "I get to make the dress cause it's kind of my fault!" (I'm sure they would have met some other way if it wasn't this way, people that belong together find each other.)

This is what we made, lots of layers of peach and ivory silk organza over silk habotai, and then the fascinator with bird cage tulle and more organza.

It's funny, I've made dresses and helped with dresses for people that I'm crazy about before, I made all my siblings wedding clothes (in 2 cases also the clothes of their spouses) I've helped with the dresses of friends that are as wonderful as Maggi and Dom, maybe it's the nature of knowing them or that I just felt like I was already so glad for our friendship before they got together, whatever it was, I would just get teary while sewing. Really happy tears.

So this last Sunday, June 5th, 2011, (7 years and 3 days exactly after they first met) Maggi and Dom got married. And in September they will be blessed with their newest addition. (!!! more joy!)

And my heart just keeps exploding. Thank you both for letting me participate in the beauty of your celebration. To know you both is to love you . . . . .



  1. Yay! Her dress looks so joyful and beautiful, as do they both. Lovely wedding. Ah, love. Ah, babies.

  2. You did an awesome job on the dress! She was absolutely beautiful, and my Cos couldn't have been happier!!!Well that is till September comes, thanks for introducing them :) WOO HOOO!!

  3. thanks, love - for helping make our wedding day so amazingly special. the dress was so beautiful, i felt like a flower floating through the garden, and it really captured all of the joy and love of the day!

  4. Yeah. Phaedra the dress was SO Beautiful. It was wonderful to meet you at the wedding. You are truly a talented dressmaker!--Dom's sister