Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alterations meets Reinvention

I used to say that I would rather make something from scratch then take something apart and alter it. but this has a very narrow definition of "alter". That alteration is like, replacing a zipper or making something a little bigger or smaller.
Lately I have been working on projects where "altering" the garment means recreating it. For these currant projects are taking older, vintage dresses and turning them into something new for new celebrations. It's really fun to see these kinds of family history be passed down and then updated for a new generation and new memories. Giving these dresses a new life. It reminds me of the pieces I made for last September's Fashion Night Out.
So with Oscar night and the party that went with it last weekend, I was inspired to revisit some old "reinvention projects" that have been neglected in my studio. (Going to a party is the best motivation.) This originally was a skirt sample that I got years ago when I freelanced at Jcrew, too pretty to decline even though it was 3 sizes too big. I opted to turn it into a dress, obviously...

(I'm not so photogenic these days...)

I did this once before with another skirt I got during the same time. This one I added the bodice to make the skirt into a dress. The beading and detail in this piece was too brilliant to turn down just because it was much too big. (The beading also made the idea of just fitting the skirt a very daunting task... much more fun to add a bodice and call it a dress!)

(You'd trust me at your wedding with a camera, wouldn't you?)

Brings the idea of recycling to a whole new level, yes?

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