Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More snow....

Yesterday it was about 8 degrees.

Weeks ago my sister and I were having this discussion, how do you dress to stay warm and still feel cute even when wearing long johns? I even read an article on the New York Times Fashion & Style page about how long johns are making a come back. But mostly it was talking about for men's wear. Doesn't really help me and my sister. I have a friend that designs long johns for women, from her stories, her sales people don't think people like us want well fitting, cute, long johns. I want to sign a petition that we do! She's a very talented designer, please let her design something awesome!

Dressing warm and feeling good is a pretty constant discussion in the winter (for me at least). And this winter in particular has been colder and snowing more then most of my New York life. Today it's a balmy 32 degrees and I'm watching big fluffy snow flakes falling outside my windows.

A couple of weeks ago, inspired by wearing something warm and not wearing pants, I made this heavy wool pencil skirt. I lined it in silk. So now my question is, where are the long johns that come just to my knees? What do you wear to stay warm?

(I promise I did not leave my house with bare legs.) (shoes by K* for Spring 11)


  1. I LOVE THIS. looooooooove it. i wish i could hire you to make my wardrobe.

    i have very little need for warm clothes (like, 12 days a year), but i love me some tall socks! and tights with leg warmers!

  2. I love me some leg warmers! I should make a post just about them!

  3. I wear leg warmers all the time : ) Especially for running.
    I would totally wear long johns 24/7 during the winter. Tights just don't do it for me.