Thursday, April 14, 2011


This is Trouble.

Trouble got her name because she seemed to invite trouble whenever she was worn. Because she is this bias cut little simple thing, she seems to fit women between about a size 0 and an 8, and she seems to look as worthy of trouble on every body that takes her on.

Then an odd thing happened, as my sisters and my friends seemed to evolve, people started wanting to borrow her because of her reputation.

This is how she ended up in my sister Briana's procession when we lived in different cities. Her friend had borrowed Trouble and returned her to Briana, thinking I'd get her back eventually.

And I did. But first, I got a call at about 3:30 in the morning on the first of september one year with Briana saying, "Sis, I'm wearing Trouble with blue panties .. . and I'm in Reno with Troy" (I so wish I had a photo to share of THAT trouble!) Yep, Trouble fills in when you need to elope!

Then, a few years later (but very recently) my sister Tara called late one December, "Sis, I'm turning 35 and I'm trying to get knocked up, can I borrow Trouble?" I sent her the dress.

Now I have a very handsome nephew!

It seems, that at this age, we want trouble. We want this trouble that leads to happy unions and beautiful babies. Both welcome and happy additions to the family.

What's funny, is Trouble got made in about 2 seconds, from a scarf that got left behind at the restaurant where I worked at the time. (oh if I found the person that left that scarf, I'd write her a thank you note!) I simply held one end up in front and pinched where I figured the "back" should meet and stitched her up, simplest, most successful dress I've ever made. I promise.

So now, it's my turn to have this birthday and it's given me pause. What kind of trouble am I trying to stir up? And what kind of dress wants to usher in this year?

I'm not sure. But I do think my older sisters have set some very good examples.


  1. I love Trouble. Funny how everyone recognize it immediately for what it is, even funnier that it took 2 seconds to make:)


  2. Wow, it is rather amazing. I think my jaw dropped alil' at first. In fact, there's still some slack in it. Mind if I gift it to a character one of these days?? <--- w/credit of course.