Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New year, new adventures...

(this image above is from the steam whistles at Pratt, it's a Brooklyn New Years tradition)

New years is my favorite holiday. Hands down. I like all of it, new years eve, new years day, new years resolutions.... What I love about it is it's so simple. It's just a celebration of time. One year is over and we're on to the next. It's the newness I love, like a new sketch book, the year and often in New York the city is all white and blank.

It makes me feel really optimistic. Also it's an excuse to make a new party dress.

So for this year, I'm making 2 sets of new years resolutions, 1 set for my life and 1 set for my studio. So far for my studio, my resolutions are to:

1) make more. and post more about what I'm making more of.
2) take on more projects that make me nervous, these projects always end up teaching me so much.
3) Try more of the "I'm not sure that will work" variety, just to see what will happen. (I think I started this one while working on my new years eve party dress. . .I'm still not sure what will happen with it.)

That's it. I like to keep the resolution list short, makes it all feel more achievable.

My parting thought, and maybe my mantra this year, is this:
I love this, I found it on pinterest, but it is actually from It's right up there with my other favorite new poster, the "You will have your cake and eat it too" one my sister found on Esty.

I don't think these count as resolutions, maybe they are just reminders to do what I love and see what happens. I guess, in a nutshell, that is the resolution... to do more of what I love and see what happens...

Here's to a wonderful new year! cheers, xophae


  1. Well written!

    I don't make resolutions, but I do love New Years. Happy 2011!


  2. So excited to see what you create in 2011. it's gonna be an awesome year!

  3. Love it! (Can I borrow that picture of the steam whistles since mine didn't come out?)

  4. yes! love it and love you!! here's to a wonderful 2011!xo