Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mel's veil

My friend My Phung made Mel's dress and she suggested I make her veil, since I've been playing around with festive "hats". But mostly she thought, I could use the same fabric as My Phung used in her dress. Mel was game to have another person join in on her fittings and it turned out to be a really fun and totally new kind of collaboration (just for the hat, My Phung had the dress nearly complete when I came in!). The collaboration between bride, dress designer and "hatter".

I made the veil and the flower as separate pieces so post ceremony and post wedding Mel could continue to wear the flower in her hair. I love these pieces that can be worn after the day. . . continue the celebration on into everyday life. . .

It did seem like a grand celebration! Here's to the lovely Bride!

Photos by photographer Douglas Levy, you can see more of his work here.

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