Monday, November 28, 2011

"Take My Picture!"

Um, it's no secret that I've been working with Mr. Joe Tanis for my Photography. I met Joe at my sister's kitchen table. (I meet the coolest people there.) And we started talking, he's a photographer that wants to take editorial photos of brides and I'm a designer that works with brides, one thing leads to another and we have some really fun photo shoots and Voila! Suddenly I have all these amazing photos of my work! This one above is one of my favorites. I love the mood....

What I know about really good photography is that it tells a beautiful story. And Joe Tanis is a great story teller with his photography. You might not know this about me, but I actually got my first degree in Photography, I know how difficult it is to tell really great stories with pictures. It is so difficult that I became a designer instead. Turns out I'm better at telling stories with fabric and clothes. My education left me with a profound appreciation for the people that do it much better then me.

There's so much that goes into really good photography, the lighting, the composition, getting the model to relax, the photo retouching so everything is perfect, all of it works together to tell a story.

On Tuesday and Wednesday Dec 6th & 7th, he's creating a portrait studio to work with people one on one and photograph them. He's created this branding photography event to work with people to help them tell the story they want their pictures to tell. If you need your business or your portrait to tell a new (or better?) story, check out his event here.

He's also offering a Thanksgiving discount ($150.00 off), use discount code: "Thanksgivingdiscount"

Check out his event, pass it along to people you like that need awesome photos. You could pass it along to people you don't like too, but generally anyone you like, must be an awesome someone to photo.... :)

cheers! xophae

Nov. 30, UPDATE
Joe updated his day, do you're own hair and make-up and the total cost is $150, he's got a new discount code that is "friends" I think, it's listed in his link to the event. links above still work! Or let me know if they don't and I'll get you the link directly!


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