Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nominations are always glamorous!

Above is the Nominated design team for the show The Good Wife.
On the left is my friend Jenn Rogien Faletti, in the middle is her boss Dan Lawson and on the right is Daniele Hollywood.

It's not every day that one of my really good friends gets nominated for an Emmy in Costume design. (Jenn was very clear that the nomination was in her boss's name and I totally understand that, it is still very exciting!)

You can imagine how excited and flattered I was when Jenn said she wanted my help with her dress. It's not every day an Emmy Nominated Designer asks me to make her a dress.

So this is what we came up with! It is always fun to work with people that are willing to see what happens once you start working. Our friend My Phung joined us for one of our fittings (and gave me such great help with the interior construction! I learned so much!) and the 3 of us just got to see what the fabric would do and play with it.

It was such a fun project! From the beginning Jenn wanted to wear emerald green and something with a little bit of a train. I think the green was such a great choice on her. And it looked great on the Red Carpet!

So here's to more nominations and great collaborative projects to come!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Phae! So glamorous; I love the clean lines and the train. Tres inspiring!


  2. ..so this is the dress you were telling me about.. Bravo! It's very lovely!