Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More from LA . . .

I have been working on some dresses to use as samples or jumping off points when I work with new clients. It's been good to start with familiar shapes, they kind of feel like blank slates. They also have worked remarkably well as jumping off points for myself and what I want to do next. And they have inspired me to rebel a little, do something new...

The dress above is a silk taffeta and tulle corset with a multi colored tulle skirt. The head piece is made of handmade silk flowers with some feathers and bit of birdcage tulle.

This dress is silk taffeta with a feather neckline detail. The hat is hand stitched petals made of silk taffeta, silk shantung, silk organza and tulle with feathers.

The little hats, fascinators really, have been so much fun, I might make them a much bigger focus of my studio. . . They don't have to be only for big special occasions, they're good for small special occasions too, like dinner parties.

We'll see what's next . . .

photo credits for this post and the last (as well as the header) goes to Lee Paulson, please see more of his work here.

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