Friday, July 8, 2011

Karolina and Wayne, Part 2: TANGO!

I mentioned that Karolina had more then one project. Well her other project was a very specific kind of reception dress. She and Wayne were going to Tango at the reception, she needed a Tango dress!

I grew up watching muscials and I love to dance so I loved the idea of this kind of project! (And not just because I loved her shoes!)

Based on some ideas she had and some ideas I had, this is the dress we designed for the dancing.

What's tricky about this kind of dress is, how to make a backless, cowl necked dress stay on when dancing the Tango? Well, you can imagine it took some engineering. But it seems, it worked!

Don't they look amazing? They just look so happy and beautiful! Makes me want to learn to Tango, badly!

Cheers! xophae

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